Simplifying Talent Management Ecosystem

Our software and HRMS goes much beyond the usual functions of payroll management, storage of personnel data, and tracking of the attendance records. It brings to you a whole new world of exciting features and specifications that your business needs for success and growth, and at the same time enhances and promotes efficiency, creativity, and innovativeness within your institutions/organizations.

Key Highlights Of Our TalenTicks HRMS

With TalenTicks, HR is no longer a dull business function that has to deal with numerous and old files and records.

  1. Access and work on data in real-time and from any PC, web browser and/or smartphone you want!
  2. Our offering is always live in the Cloud, has intuitive interfaces, beautiful reports, and powerful and swift workflows to delight you all along with your work schedules.
Powerful and swift workflows to delight you all along with your work schedules
  1. Our HRMS can fully exploit the smartphone power to keep you efficient, productive and in pursuit of your goals, no matter where you are.
  2. Be it any time of the day, you can access TalenTicks in seconds on any mobile device (including smartphones and tablets), get all the insights you want, make any changes you desire and keep on improving the HR aspects of your business while fulfilling your responsibilities.
Access using any device on any platform through our HRMS
Includes talent acquisition, planning, assessing and on boarding through our HRMS

With features like Artificial Intelligence (AI) included in TalenTicks, you can now manage your existing and prospective talent base with the best efficiency and results.

  1. AI helps you in scanning resumes and resume parsing so that you hire the best talent.
  2. Improved performance with the new Gamification Technology.
  3. LMS (learning management system) integration ensures that the talent is being groomed as well.

Our HRMS has the best features for standardizing employee onboarding, performance appraisal, travel, learning, leaves, and exit processes.

  1. You can expect your processes to be more efficient, accurate and performance-oriented.
  2. The software will also increase accountancy and transparency in key areas including finances and appraisals among others.
  3. With cloud integration, the security threats are negligible, while you can always be in touch with your processes through your mobile devices as well.
Performance appraisals, travel and leave processes can be handled through our HRMS
Build and Customize your own social networking platform using our HRMS

TalenTicks has for you a futuristic, interactive, fun and mesmerizing social networking website and forum “BuzzBook”, which will be your official social networking site.

  1. BuzzBook helps your employees and staff get connected easily, provides for engagement in a fun and lively atmosphere, brings the staff closer and improves the collaborative and co-operative aspects of your business activities as well.
  2. Our HRMS also offers other social media features and extends to include the more popular platforms as well.

TalenTicks helps you improve on the learning metrics through extensive features and a learning management system.

  1. You can train your new and existing employees online, undertake examinations, issue customized certifications and do much more on our popular HRMS.
  2. Performance improvement is on the way when you make use of features like MIS reports, training needs identification, appraisals, KRA and goal setting, and others.
Improve learning metrics and enhance trainee performance

How Do We Deploy Your World-Class HRMS


  • No Specific Software required to access your LMS.
  • Subscription based model
  • Faster Implementation 
  • Easily Scalable
  • Mobile friendly
  • Enhanced Security 
  • White – Labeling your own portal
  • Technical Support provided


  • Greater Customization Options
  • Better Control over the system
  • Less dependency on the provider
  • Easier Customization of the learning environment
  • Cost effective in long term.
  • Greater control over the implementation process
  • White – Labeling your own portal
  • Increased Optimization with respect to the local system’s configuration

Why Do You Need Our TalenTicks - HRMS?

Talenticks offers you a number of exclusive benefits and is one of the few HRMS being awarded for its better and innovative technologies including Gamification.

Analysis and Reporting

We understand that you do not need an HRMS for mere filing and storing of data, and would wish to enhance your efficiency and be more competitive through its use.

  1. TalenTicks helps you analyze multiple facets of your HR function. These include talent management, learning, payroll process, performance, intake and exit, leaves and attendance, engagement data, reimbursement and expenses and more.
  2. Get data, charts, customized reports, and other important outputs and address the right issues, in time!


Your business/organization emblems, logos, fonts, schemes, colors, and voice needs to be carried to your HRMS as well, a key for satisfaction, popularity, repute, following and standardization.

  1. Get customization features in TalenTicks and heavily customize and personalize the software so that it represents your values, voice, and repute in many subtle and profound ways.
  2. Find your certificates, memos, reports, letters, wellness programs, training and learning material, and else everything carrying your symbols and labels in a very attractive and pleasing way!

Seamless Integration

TalenTicks has for you a pleasant, convenient and fruitful way to manage all your HR functions and operations in a seamless way

  1. The employee onboarding, performance management, leave management, learning/training management, payroll/travel/reimbursement management, and exit processes are all connected seamlessly and intuitively.
  2. The reliable connectivity helps you get the most valuable insights through a mere click and a glance.

Growth Oriented

TalenTicks helps you devise the perfect HR strategies and implement them to ensure that the goals are accomplished. We help you in the management of all aspects of your talent.

  1. The HRMS aids you in talent planning, acquisition, development, and retention.
  2. The finance and operations features help you cut costs and stay competitive.
  3. TalenTicks will help your organization grow in repute, revenues, success, and talent.
  4. Be amazed by how gamification improves engagement levels and enhances productivity exponentially.

What Makes Our HR Automation Systems Stand Out?

MEETCS (ME Educational Technology and Consultancy Services LLP) is known to offer world-class technological breakthroughs in the form of business software and consultancy services. We are recognized by businesses, organizations, corporates, academic institutions, public organizations and other associations and organizations worldwide for next-generation product commendable services.

Our HRMS is recognized for all round technology used for automation and gamification

Recognized and Accredited

The sincere and performance-oriented efforts and innovative products of MEETCS have been recognized for their tremendous number of applications and immense benefits by organizations worldwide. We hold the APAC-Outlook Gamification technology award for our world-class software, consulting and services. We have been widely appreciated for our creative approaches that transform businesses and help them realize their goals and objective in a sustainable manner. We are also a recognized and accredited NASSCOM Associate.

LMS A2A MMS HRMS are all our offerings

Comprehensive Range of Offerings

We are a reputed consulting and service company, a one-stop destination for all your latest and digital software, consulting, and services needs. We offer a broad range of software including Talent/Human Resource Management Software, Moodle (an advanced Learning Management System), Membership Management System, Alumni Management System, Campus Placement Preparation Software and other world-class ERP software to take your organization to the zenith of performance and success.

Values reflect in our dedicated perseverance on improving and innovating our HRMS

Values and Support

We are aided in our success-oriented efforts taken by a multifaceted team including experienced researchers and developers who are also, experts on corporate/organizational affairs Our values reflect in our dedicated perseverance towards achieving the best outcomes for our clients. We remain at the disposal of our clients during the project and after it, and ensure that our clients are connected to us by a dedicated 24 by 7 communication channel.

An industry standard has been maintained in our processes including HRMS

Ethics and Standards

Our approach towards our own business activities and the services and products we provide to our clients is entirely ethical and in-line with the regulations and standards as well. We only follow and employ white hat techniques. Our solutions are sustainable approaches towards holistic and comprehensive improvements that are embedded within the culture and identity of our client solutions.


How does TalentTicks address the security issues ?

TalenTicks protects all your data and information including financial, payroll and other information through encryption. There are multiple security layers and protocols employed for the security of data so that it is always safe from an internal and/or external hacker attack, and only authorized access is granted.

What kind of organizations can use TalenTicks HRMS?

All small, medium, and large scale organizations including corporates, government bodies, and institutions, public institutions and organizations, business corporations, academic and educational institutions, schools and colleges can get benefited from the tremendous capabilities and features of TalenTicks, our next-generation human resource information system and management solution.

What is Software-As-a-Service (SaaS) model for TalenTicks HRMS?

When you choose TalenTicks On-Cloud installation and implementation model, it is the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. All the applications are delivered to you over the internet in the form of service. You get constant upgrades and dedicated 24/7/365 support services. The HRMS can be easily accessed from anywhere on a variety of web browsers, over the internet. There are no complex hardware and software issues that you may have to face and overcome. As a responsible vendor, we take care of all the issues and adverse circumstances.

Who can assess the information on TalentTicks HRMS?

A role-based access system ensures that only users with the right login credentials can assess the information and data stored on TalenTicks. The access can be provided for the various functionalities and modules on the basis of work, function, authority, and rules and the information remains classified and secured all the times.

What kind of help and support is provided by MEETCS?

We provide to you and number and variety of guides and tutorials and also carry out a demo so that your staff can know about the features and functionalities of TalenTicks. A guided tour will introduce you to the various aspects of the software and we also train your staff to use it in the more effective ways. Our communication channels are open for our clients at all times of the day as we aim to resolve any issue and problem at the earliest.

Contact us now through a personal visit, phone, or email and experience the versatile and immense benefits of a highly capable human resource management system TalenTicks now! We can also arrange for your organization a free demo and help you know more about the features of this immensely capable and awarded human resource management software.

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