Making Timetables – The Convenient Way

You’re probably still creating timetables the old-fashioned way, right?

Isn’t it exhausting making timetables for the different students of all the different batches of all the different programmes of all the different semesters of all the different years? Even thinking about it is tiresome. There is at least one student or one class that gets mixed up, causing you to remake the whole timetable, increasing your work and temper.

That’s why we have a simple solution for this. The MEETCS A2A Time Table Module.

Our robust module has many features like timetable upload in excel, timetable editing by the Head of Department or Dean or faculty if the lecture is rescheduled or cancelled, instant session creation in MOODLE LMS, lecture list visible on faculty, and student dashboard, and a well-organized Management Information System.

You can easily link the classrooms to the subjects once they are created and enjoy a hassle-free and paperless procedure for preparing timetables. So, what are you waiting for?

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