Classrooms Management

With just a few clicks, you can organize your classroom creation and maintenance procedure.

As a teacher, what is the biggest challenge you face with regards to classrooms? You aren’t allocated proper rooms, there is no projector, sound system, whiteboard, or enough classroom capacity for everyone. Or even if the infrastructure is good, there is too much confusion about which classroom is whose or where you’re supposed to give the lecture. 

As an admin, creating classrooms for all the students, linking them to the respective subjects, and making sure the students have been allocated the right classrooms depending on their programmes, batches, and semesters- it is a very long and cumbersome process, is it not? We understand the pain points you are going through, and we also know that you’re probably looking for a way to make this process easier.  

We have heard this from so many teaching professionals and they are craving a system that can provide them with the availability of various infra requirements at the click of a button. This is what paved the way for MEETCS to design and develop the all-around A2A Classroom Module.

It includes features like classroom creation, addition, editing, and deletion, classroom allocation along with timetable upload, infrastructure parameters for classrooms (projector, speakers, blackboard, AC, classroom size, strength, etc), and much more.   

To create a classroom, all you need to do is fill in the details and select the classroom type and the features available, it’s that simple. You can create a single classroom or bulk upload as well, and it will all show up on the student’s dashboard. With just a few clicks and you can conveniently create classrooms sitting at your desk.

So, it would be fair to say that our classroom module can take care of all your classroom management needs, right? Don’t wait any longer, reach out to us on Book a demo class now.

Here is our youtube video on classroom module, click the link to watch!

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