One Stop Shop for all your Psychometric Assessment Needs

Key Highlights For Our Psychometric Assessments

Get personality, behavioral, motivation, stress, cognitive and analytical ability insights for yourself, your students or your employees. MEETCS provides a one stop shop to any organization for all psychometric assessment needs. Whether it is to hire the right person or to develop right skills of already existing employees whether it to guide students towards the right career options or to assess their anxiety levels our psychometric assessments can help you with all of these

Career Counselling

Through our psychometric assessments provide the right career guidance and counselling to the students across many age groups. Be it choosing the right electives in school, or the right university and course for graduation or even the distance learning programs while on the job, our assessments and counselors would give you just the right advice.

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Experienced Counselors

Our panel of counselors are highly qualified with a vast amount of experience across domains and services. They have dealt with cases pertaining to individuals, families and corporate. Their work ethics or of a very high standard and you can be assured of confidentiality and discreetness.


You can use our psychometric assessments to hire the right people for the right job, whether it is a fresher or a lateral, whether it is a recruitment for a sales on the field kind of job or a senior leadership position, you can choose from our variety of psychometric tests including culture fit, career and life values, personality etc and get the right person for the job profile.

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Employee Development

Through our assessments, you will be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, determine their competencies and skills. Now you can plan the relevant training for the employees as per their career paths and competencies. Make your employees reach greater heights by customizing their mentoring and coaching based on the assessments conducted.

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Anywhere and Anytime

Our tests can be accessed from any mobile device and across timezones. Even our counselors are available on video and audio chats to help you understand the report and provide complete guidance. Whether it is a planned counseling that you would need or an urgent distress call, we are available through any platform.

How can you access our Psychometric Tests?

Pre-defined Tests

  • Personality Assessment
  • Culture fit
  • Employee Motivation
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Career Guidance
  • Career and Life Values

Customized Tests

  • Create your own tests
  • Combine Tests as per need
  • Send report to only authorized personnel
  • Schedule counseling session as needed
  • Choose your own time and device

Why Do You Need Our Psychometric Assessments?

Thoroughly Validated Tests

Our Tests are based on validated theories and have been tested thoroughly after going through many people

Customization Possible

You can choose from pre-defined tests and also create your own combination from the set available. Besides, if there is a very specific requirement, we can create completely new tests also as needed.

Following the best practices

We, at MEETCS, follow the best practices towards all our processes and client handling. Our customer support is our USP.

Cater to Everyone

We cater to students and institutions as a whole, we cater to employees as well as employer as a whole, we cater to an individual as well as a family as a whole.

Why Choose Our Psychometric Assessment?

MEETCS offers you the basic and advanced Psychometric Assessments that can take care of the multiple needs of your organization. Further, we can integrate these tests with an HRMS, Recruitment Management system or a Learning Management System also thus giving you a complete end to end solution.

Our versatile offerings improves efficiency in generating outputs adn fulfillments of aspirations of our clients both in education and corporate sectors

Host of Offering

Our psychometric assessments stand apart from others because of the wide range to choose from. Our versatile offering improves efficiency in generating outputs and fulfillment of aspirations of our clients both from the education and corporate sectors and that has been our ultimate motive for the solution.

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We are one of the reputed companies in the business segment that offers Psychometric assessments, ERP software and digital services to clients worldwide. We are a duly certified and accredited NASSCOM Associate. We also hold awards and recognitions including the CIO APAC award for our world-class Gamified HRMS solution Talenticks. We hold a favorable reputation and have helped clients across the world fulfill their business needs and excel in even the most adverse market conditions.

Apart from membership management system, we also offer learning management systems, recruitment solutions, and human resource systems

One-Stop Destination For Multiple Digital Needs

We at MEETCS specialize in a range of ERP software and digital services. Apart from psychometric assessments, we also offer learning management systems, recruitment solutions, and human resource management systems. We also hold immense expertise in mobile app development, software development, web development, and other realms of Information Technology.

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Support And Security

We offer 24 by 7 support for all our services. We also use and employ the safest and most reputed payment gateways and have multiple stringent security levels to ensure all kinds of data and information is fully secure from any security threats.


What kind of organizations and institutions can use psychometric assessments?

Our psychometric assessment tests can be used by individuals, students, working people, employers, college heads for assessing students’ careers, people with troubled relationships etc. Small, medium or large-sized organization and institutions having varying member strength, staff and resources can get benefited from the multiple options of these assessments.

Can the platform handle registration for assessments?

Our platform is fully automated. The user has to choose from the list of tests and make the payment using a payment gateway. Once this is done, the registration process is complete and the user can take his/her assessment test.

Can I try psychometric assessment for free?

We would be delighted to provide you a  shortened free demo and use of the tests for one time. Call us now and do let us know what test would you like us to configure for you.

Can I integrate these tests with any existing system?

We can integrate the tests with Learning management system to assess the training needs, with recruitment management system to check culture fit and employability of new recruits,  with HRMS to check stress, motivation and career values of the employees.

Can I integrate and import other data that already exist with me?

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and customers to ensure that all their existing data and systems are seamlessly integrated with this new and advanced MMS. You can hope to achieve a fully operational MMS in not more than three or four weeks.

How soon can I get the tests set up for my organisation?

Depending on the extent of customization, we will deliver you fully-functional tests along with necessary training (regarding how to conduct the same for your people) and support in no more than 3 or 4 weeks.

Call us now, visit us, or contact us through email to try our psychometric assessments that can transform your relationships, careers, growth path and operations and make you immensely successful in the shortest period of time.