Knowing Your Student’s Grievances

Yes, every organization and institute has a grievance committee. But does it actually help?

Grievance redressal is an important part of every institute where all members of the institute, faculty, administrative department, students, etc, can enter any grievances they may have through this channel. The disorganized proceedings, the lack of proper documentation, and the delayed redressals, all contribute to the general ignorance of the various grievances. These could range from minor ones like academic issues or sanitation problems to much more severe ones like ragging, discrimination, and even sexual harassment.

With MEETCS’s A2A Grievance Module, you can handle all the types of grievances and addresses them.

Our many features include online feedback from students, faculty, and parents, the option of creating, editing, and deleting committees, adding members, a robust E-grievance redressal system, uploading meeting updates for the committees, and taking inputs from students as required, Management Information System and reports. One can even upload documents/ attachments as a grievance. Are you impressed yet? Don’t think too much,

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