End-to-End Recruitment Management System

Briskhire is an AI-enabled recruitment management software. With the next generation RMS BriskHire, you can now hope to hire the best talent in the least time and have a more efficient, accountable, and transparent recruitment process.

Key Highlights Of Our BriskHire RMS

Our recruitment management system can help in time management and channeling energy efficiently to simplify multiple tedious tasks

Automation is the key to perform streamlined workflow management. The recruitment management system allows the recruiters and the clients to perform recruitment tasks in a well-organized manner. This allows time management and channeling energy efficiently to simplify multiple tedious tasks throughout the day.

Sourcing potential candidates in a highly competitive domain with matching skill sets and job descriptions without a proper screening can create redundant traffic. RMS does the task itself by nominating the qualified prospects for interviews, ensuring absolute placements.

Quick turn around time in our recruitment management system by minimizing time taken for performing complex tasks
High ROI figures involving recruitment management system

Using digital platform makes the process paperless which reduces the cost and is energy efficient. The recruitment management system computes results with reports and analytics which saves time, again time is money!

Transparency makes updated status available of candidates and job profiles. Senior Management can view the status of the openings. The application tracking system allows better control over the hiring pipeline and is accessible anytime anywhere.

Better transparency control over hiring pipeline using our recruitment management system
Streamlining career management using centralized database in our recruitment management system

Recruitment management system consolidates the data from multiple career sites, social media platforms, mailboxes, folders, and files. The recruiter does not need to surf for collecting and assembling the data. Centralized database streamlines the career site management.

The ultimate aim of the recruitment management system is to determine the finest resource of all. With the help of requisite tools, analyzed results and organized outputs informed decision making becomes an effortless task to achieve your goal.

Using requisite tools and analyzed results and other outputs for taking an informed decision making

How Do We Deploy Your World-Class Recruitment Management System


  • No Specific Software required to access your LMS.
  • Subscription based model
  • Faster Implementation 
  • Easily Scalable
  • Mobile friendly
  • Enhanced Security 
  • White – Labeling your own portal
  • Technical Support provided


  • Greater Customization Options
  • Better Control over the system
  • Less dependency on the provider
  • Easier Customization of the learning environment
  • Cost effective in long term.
  • Greater control over the implementation process
  • White – Labeling your own portal
  • Increased Optimization with respect to the local system’s configuration

Why Do You Need Our BriskHire- RMS?

Our industry-leading recruitment management system BriskHire is a trendsetting offering that has extensive capabilities and support services to be your first choice. 

Integration of screening assessments available

The recruitment management system gives access to the various assessment tests ranging from aptitude, psychometric and technical tests to qualify for the interview. This integration of assessments on a common platform optimizes the potential of the candidates.

Gamified Solution

Gamification is the usage of game mechanics and game design techniques in a non-gaming context. The recruitment management system engages the data of candidates to track their performances and helps to stay connected over time. The RMS offers recreational activities that fetch reward points.

Analytics to Improve the Hiring Process

Analytics is designed to Discover, Interpret and analyze the meaningful pattern in data of the applicants. This makes it easy to compare the results and hire the potential resource.

Advanced Profile Search

The profiles of the candidates can be scanned in detail by using intelligent tools to filter the profiles based on the requirements.

This Is Why We Stand Out?

The passionate team at ME Educational Technologies and Consultancy Services LLP believes in innovation, integrity, and long lasting impressions. We are aided in our perseverance and efforts to provide you outstanding user experience, by a talented team of technical architects, developers, and industry experts among others.

Customized recruitment solution according to the requirement for the agency or company

Customizable solution

We provide definite solutions for all types of requirements and customize the system until the last mile. Our vast experience in eLearning, academics, corporate, consulting, research and quality assurance give us a complete 360 degrees understanding of the various problems.

We ensure total client satisfaction for our product customized by us thereby giving our quality of service

Quality of service

We believe in excelling at our solutions and ensure customer satisfaction. We are a team of passionate people who want to make a difference in the world. We strongly believe that technology can provide solutions to most of the world's problems.

We ensure quick turn around and a sound system always using our recruitment management system. MEETCS is a proud associate

Quick turn around

We ensure a quick response and sound systems always. We are creative, we are innovative and we thrive for that extra something in everything we do. No wonder we retain a high customer loyalty base and our customers rate us highly on the Satisfaction Index.

Well equipped for technological advancements with artificial intelligence to seek the finest candidate using our recruitment management system

Future-ready solution

Our products are well equipped for technological advancements with artificial intelligence to seek the finest candidate. Any change in the trend, market or organization is taken care of completely. We aim to deliver the best services using the latest updated technology. This is a one-stop solution for all project requirements.


What kind of infrastructure is required for the implementation of BriskHire?

The Cloud or SaaS (software as a service) model of BriskHire does not require any expensive in-house or server infrastructure and provides for recruitment and workflow management at a very low cost. Any kind of PC with a moderately fast CPU and adequate RAM and Hard Disk space can be used to access BriskHire on the Cloud.

How do you ensure the safety and security of data that we post and keep on BriskHire RMS?

We have a multi-tier security protocol and approach for securing all your data and information on the cloud. Our servers are located at facilities having CCTV coverages, perimeter fencing, and 24 by 7 manned security. We provide the latest firewalls and antivirus software and also use the best separation and fire detection systems. Other security measures are adopted by us as well.

Can we keep the database of candidates for future reference?

BriskHire allows you to keep the database of candidates for future reference as well, in a very classified way. You can also assign and save the skill codes against the candidates and use them for future reference.

What kind of reporting tools BriskHire has?

BriskHire helps you create multiple reports with different types of data and information, about the various aspects of the recruitment process. These charts, dashboards, and management reports have been preloaded and can be customized to reflect the emblems and logos of your corporate or organization as well.

Visit us, call us or email us now for a free demonstration for the next generation and world-class recruitment management system BriskHire that possess latest and advanced features. We also provide free consultations on aspects including customization to help you attain the best experience of RMS implementation and use.