One Stop Shop for all Training, Mentoring and Coaching

CamPLUS is a platform for all trainers and trainees. Whether it is about getting to know how to prepare for the upcoming campus placements, or its about acquiring new and latest skills for those on-job promotions, whether its getting trained in behavioral aspects or acquiring technical skills, CamPLUS has it all. As a trainer, if you want to setup a complete online training or you want to provide blended learning to your participants, CamPLUS can do it all for you.

Key Highlights of CamPLUS

  1. You can choose from the wide variety of training available on CamPLUS.
  2. Campus Placement Training are free for all students where they can prepare for aptitude tests, CV writing, group discussion and even improve their interview skills.
  3. Specialized training from expert trainers across the globe are also available to choose from.
Manage Alumni database through A2A system
Manage your notifications through a single dashboard including SMS’s, Email alerts

Trainers and trainees can easily stay connected across times zones and international boundaries with ease.

  1. CamPLUS notifications helps you share information about upcoming trainings to all registered participants through emails and SMS.
  2. You can follow up with your participants with advanced training as needed.
  1. You can use CamPLUS platform to generate customized certificates for the participants.
  2. This way you can appreciate the success, contribution, progress and achievements of your participants.
Generate customized certificates for students and alumnis
Send invitations, collect funds, create events
  1. You can take payments from your participants as per their convenience through a variety of payment methods.
  2. You can take offline payments as well and we would help you enrol the participants for the training from our admin panel.

CamPLUS has all the features and capabilities for online learning, and a dedicated administrative panel.

  1. Conveniently instruct and administer different courses and programs.
  2. Register, edit and delete participants.
  3. Manage passwords with ease.
  4. You can send the common mailers as well.
Easily register, delete or edit the names of existing and new trainees or alumni

There are many other features of CamPLUS – the training portal, that you will cherish and appreciate. These include easy creation of groups and forums, unlimited space, unlimited number of pages, multimedia integration, a comprehensive variety of techniques, news browser, newsletter subscription, profile creation, member directory and much more.

Other than training and placement management, white labelling your portals, newsletter directories etc

How do you use CamPLUS?

Online Training

  • No Specific Software required to access trainings hosted on CamPLUS.
  • Fully online training
  • Webinars and video conferencing available
  • Subscription based model
  • Easily Scalable
  • Mobile friendly
  • Enhanced Security 
  • Technical Support provided

Blended Training

  • Part Offline and Part Online training
  • Video and other content upload
  • Online Attendance for classroom training
  • Possible to scale classroom model through online part
  • Greater Customization Options
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Cost effective in long term.
  • Technical Support provided

Why Do You Need CamPLUS?

ME Educational Technology and Consultancy services LLP (MEETCS) specializes in many different areas. We offer advanced and customized learning management systems (including Moodle). We also specialize in e-Learning content development, corporate training and consultancy, web development services, web marketing, and other areas.

Comprehensive Learning Platform

You will find our Learning Platform to possess innumerable features. Our platform includes easy user enrolment, payment options, simple to manage and administer training, bringing to you a seamless flow and efficiency for all your training activities.

Varying Usage Options

Whether you want a completely online training or a blended training, we have for you all the varieties so that you can make a pick as per your needs, choices, and aspirations. We have for you the most affordable and effective options and provide 24/7/365 support that ensures that there are no downtime or glitches.

Tremendous Experience

We have good amounts of exposure in the various realms of education and learning management systems. Our clientele spreads across academic institutions and different business sectors. You can go through the client list displayed at our website to know more about our proven efficiencies in the field.


We are one of the leading education/learning software systems providers in India and globally. We hold a number of awards and recognitions for our high-quality education/corporate management software and services. These include the CIO APAC recognition for Gamification Technology. You can rest assured that you are dealing with a leading and prominent name in this business segment. We are a NASSCOM Associate and have delivered to the satisfaction of tremendous numbers of clients in India and abroad.

Why Choose our solution?

We at MEETCS are determined to help every trainer/institution provide a wonderful training experience to all its trainees, discover the precious and invaluable potential of their participants, foster endless relationships, and make their learning and education systems flawless and efficient.

Extended support for institutes through alumni interfaces in student management system


Our system is designed to bring to you enhanced financial capabilities. You can now get instant payments from your participants from anywhere and anytime you start the training. It is also easy to trace and search all the activities that the participants are doing on your online course and monitor their progress.

Functionality of our advanced student management system with built in job boards presenting all your students with all the opportunities


We combine the advanced training opportunities with the ongoing trainings so that the participants can come back for more trainings and be engaged with the trainers for long. The system works beyond national and international boundaries and spreads the reputed and starred name of the trainer across the globe.

Customize your system with respect to your academic organisation keeping in mind the USP of your institution

White Labeling

We help you create the customized certification for your participants that carry your logos, emblems, fonts, color schemes, and all the remarkable and proud recognitions and symbols of your training. You can also celebrate the achievements of your well-performing participants and flaunt the same on various social media platforms.

Connects seamlessly with social media websites and platforms bringing you recognition, opportunities


Our commendable training platform helps you enhance and foster your reputation. Our platform connects seamlessly with the social media websites and platforms, and brings to you many new opportunities, recognitions and praises sooner than you anticipate. The connection also helps you highlight your prestige at the other reputed professional and social networks.


What is CamPLUS?

CamPLUS is a portal through which a variety of training, mentoring and coaching can be imparted. It connects trainers and trainees from across the globe. Trainers can opt for complete online or blended training through this platform, while participants can take trainings across various domains – technical, behavioral, managerial over it. It also provides FREE campus placement training to students.

Can I use CamPLUS for customized training?

Yes, CamPLUS can be used completely for any kind of customized training that the trainer wishes to provide. It has various features such as online videos, reference material, video conferencing, online attendance, online assessments and feedback.

Do we require training for using CamPLUS?

We will provide you all the necessary training after the initial setup. Training about the use and functioning of the software can be provided remotely as well as in person. Customized training options are also available, while we provide periodic online training programs and sessions without any fee or cost to our customers.

How Many participants can CamPLUS Training Support ?

CamPLUS is a world-class client-server software application that has a phenomenal reach and exponential capacities. It is operated through a single server and can support any number of participants. The server can be scaled up as per your training needs.

Do you also create websites for Schools/Colleges/Institutions ?

We are one of the leading web development companies. A2A seamlessly integrates with all kinds of web browsers and existing websites while we can also create and develop for you a customized and intuitive website that is user-friendly and brings to you more enrollments.

MEETCS can arrange a free demo for feature packed an highly efficient training portal. Contact us now to see how technology can transform your academic and learning processes and help your trainings reach new heights of performance, recognition, and success.