Why LMS ?

LMS Implementation

A SCORM compliant learning management system like MOODLE LMS can be used for –

  1. Sharing/delivering the resources and learning content to the students and end-users directly.
  2. Easy Online content delivery through cloud LMS/ on-premise LMS.
  3. It allows educators to assess the performance of the students and monitor their participation.
  4. Ultimately will save time and money while creating a futuristic digital personalized learning environment.
Our LMS can be used for sharing/delivering the resources and learning content to the students and end-users directly.
Our elearning system provides for immense flexibility and customized and centralized training modules

MOODLE LMS possesses immense flexibility and can be used for corporates for training and other similar purposes. The benefits are

  1. A greater choice of training methods, automation, reporting, centralized training, cost reduction.
  2. Corporates can also upload their existing training materials and can track and analyze their efforts towards training.
  3. A modern user interface, custom branding, unlimited storage, scalability, surveys/feedback
  4. The encrypted and secure channels provide for reliable data communication and storage.
  5. The software can also be customized for the needs of a particular ogainsation.

A Tailor-made and SCORM compliant learning management system can be used by healthcare organizations and hospitals to standardize and automate training/learning across the organization.

  1. The use of low-cost LMS also improves compliance with the regulations and Acts, and the secure login provides for better accountability and tracking.
  2. The learning management system can offer flexibility so that they can improve and gain new skills and knowledge from anywhere and even their homes.
  3. An online learning management system is also useful for educating the patients and medical practitioners for new products and services.
Standardize and automate training modules for health care organisations and hospital staff
Web based or Cloud elearning portal in manufacturing can be used for skill building and live conferencing

The manufacturing units and production facilities can use the learning management systems to get the following benefits-

  1. Low-cost LMS systems, including the MOODLE LMS, are also used for promoting best practices, compliance, training, safety, learning, training, and skill-building among other purposes.
  2. Instant Onboarding- New hires can be on-boarded instantly, the access to LMS training, learning, or compliance program is highly convenient.
  3. Mobile Learning- New top-rated LMS systems (including the on-premise LMS and cloud LMS) like MOODLE LMS also has the mobile learning functionality and therefore workers can use them while at a desk or on their feet.
  4. Training- the Company can also train the customers through MOODLE LMS about the products and how it could be used easily and remotely.

Companies in the consulting sector, including the management consultants and the quality management training providers, bring new practices to organizations. These process upgrades and improvements can add value to the businesses by-

  1. Providing improvement of internal business processes, the achievement of better customer satisfaction rates, and reduction in errors, among other ways.
  2. A featured and rated online learning management system helps a consulting firm deliver high-quality training programs including Six Sigma and others with the greatest following and commendable results.
  3. MOODLE LMS program and software are designed to meet the needs of professionals who have a more busy lifestyle and want to undertake the learning and training in a self-paced learning environment.
Improving customer satisfaction rates by providing a customized learning portal for consulting departments
Given the numerous facilities and tedious training modules, digital learning platforms simplifies it for real estate sector

An online learning management system for real estate can scale thousands of learners. Therefore, the real estate firms having multiple and numerous facilities across many different cities, locations, and countries can use the low-cost LMS (cloud LMS or on-premise LMS) to reach and scale.

  1. Engage their employees, property managers, support staff, customers, and mortgage advisors easily through a single yet effective low-cost LMS and achieve the best economy for their operations while being effective.
  2. MOODLE LMS is one of the most easy-to-assess and convenient platforms that go well with state/international regulations and operating procedures. The wide network of agents, employees, and customers does require an information management system with features and flexibility that only MOODLE LMS can provide.

Salient Features Of LMS

Blended Learning

A combination of traditional classroom methods and online learning materials including pre-recorded lectures, master-class, workshops etc. is used in a blended learning model. This structure tends to emphasize on all round learning experience.

Integrated Gamification

Increasing engagements, by applying gaming principles to learning activities, proves to be helpful for training purposes; may it be for educational or corporate sectors. This remains to rank fourth in most desired feature in learning management system.

Data Migration

Migration from an old system to a new and improved learning management system can be a tedious task. We use industry best practices for data migration which includes feature mapping, data cleanup, creating .csv templates pilot runs and conducting quality checks.


Industry standards are to be met compulsorily as prescribed by Aircraft Industry CBT Committee (AICC) who first published their guidelines in 1989. Followed by that, in today’s standards the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative of the US Department of Defense and ADL developed the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and the ADL Registry of SCORM compliant software.

Live Video Conferencing

We are proud to say that we provide one of the most desired features which makes up for a world class learning management system. With this feature on board, your LMS is now capable of hosting virtual events, create communication channels between learners and their peers or instructors in real-time. Collaborations within countless trainers is also possible.

Integrated Talent Management

LMS integrated with talent management system primarily focuses on providing strategic support to organisations in setting up enterprise goals and accomplishing them with respect to talent and/or human capital by taking performance outputs of their fellow trainees from its learning management system.

LMS Customizations

We understand that no two educational institutions on companies are alike. Therefore, we offer you the fully-customized versions of the Moodle online learning management system that is tailor-made to suit the exact needs of our clients.

1. Multi-Tenancy

The extended enterprise feature of the MOODLE LMS helps you create many different versions of the same low-cost LMS instance. These different versions may have their own customizations, branding, color schemes and much more, and maybe well-suited for the different franchisees, vendors, collaborative institutions, departments, and vendors.

2. Personalized Learning Path

We can create for you the personalized learning path for each of your learners. The customization of the LMS ensures that all the course materials are relevant for the learners. Wastage of time is avoided, and you get utmost efficiency and best results through the feature.

3. Integrated Gamification

We help you further your organizational or academic reputation through the uploading of all your custom badges, emblems, and logos along with the fonts and color schemes. You can customize all your certifications, achievements, rewards and other credentials and transfer your branding easily on the Moodle online learning management system. The user-interface is also entirely customizable and helps your students or employees recognize you easily online.

4. Improved Evaluation

Customised on-premise LMS/Cloud LMS generates for you the various kinds of reports in just the way you want. You can monitor the duration of your processes and training programs, get valuable insights about the performance of the learners and instructors, and also get to know other relevant and important details that will help you evaluate your education and training programs better.

How Do We Deploy Your LMS?

The Moodle LMS can be installed on your server (self-hosted), run on the Moodle Cloud, and we can also help you set up Moodle in the best way and as per your unique customization needs.


  • No Specific Software required to access your LMS.
  • Subscription based model
  • Faster Implementation 
  • Easily Scalable
  • Mobile friendly
  • Enhanced Security 
  • White – Labeling your own portal
  • Technical Support provided


  • Greater Customization Options
  • Better Control over the system
  • Less dependency on the provider
  • Easier Customization of the learning environment
  • Cost effective in long term.
  • Greater control over the implementation process
  • White – Labeling your own portal
  • Increased Optimization with respect to the local system’s configuration

Why Choose Our LMS?

ME Educational Technologies and Consultancy Services LLP (MEETCS) has profound experience in delivering customized MOODLE online learning management system for the academic/educational institutions and the corporates, in Asia, America and across the world. We also have tremendous exposure in research, consulting, corporate, academic e-learning and quality management and assurance. Simply put, we deliver to help you perform best on all dimensions. Apart from customization, implementation, support, and maintenance for your LMS, we also have tremendous expertise in other IT areas. Our services include e-learning content development, corporate training, bespoke software development, web portal development, and digital marketing among others. Some of our best-rated products also include the admission-to-alumni systems, Camplus (placement workshop), and TalenTicks (Gamified Human Resource Management System).

Our talented team of experts includes researchers, project managers, technical architects, and web developers

Talented Team of Experts

We possess immense expertise in the multifaceted areas of MOODLE implementation and project management. One of the most vital and important resources for us is our talented team of researchers, project managers, technical architects, web developers, academicians, and students. We have valuable associations as well and are a NASSCOM Associate.

Best of features available like sharing of all kinds of materials assignments, tests and quizzes, collaboration and attendance

Bringing You Best of Moodle Features

We customize MOODLE LMS just in accordance with your wishes. All the features actually improve your performance and help you stand apart on the web. You can rest assured to achieve stupendous efficiency towards sharing of all kinds of materials assignments, tests and quizzes, collaboration and attendance when you use the SCORM compliant learning management system. We also include the advanced features including progress bars, analytics, parents and others for the greatest and most satisfactory results.

Provides for customized and implemented models for hundreds of academic institutions and corporates in the language they want

Customized Implementation

We have so far successfully customized and implemented models for hundreds of academic institutions and corporates in the language they want. We turn the MOODLE LMS to be a software system that is appreciated for your brand name, and which incorporates all the logos, badges, and elements that impart recognition and popularity to your organization.

Our constant technical support improves your usage efficiency and productivity

Maintenance and Support

We offer you 24 by 7 maintenance and support services. You can trust us for nearly constant uptime. The MOODLE low-cost LMS will improve your efficiency and productivity manifold. Our custom LMS versions make learning and training a delightful experience for instructors as well as the learners. You will also appreciate our affordable services for the value of money they can deliver.


What is the licensing fee for MOODLE ?

MOODLE LMS is open-source software and hence it does not have any license fee. You can use it under the GNU General Public Licence. You only have to pay for the implementation, customization, support, and maintenance services that we at MEETCS will provide you.  The open-source nature of MOODLE brings to you the greatest number of upgrades and improvement over a period of time. Our support services help you to remain productive and efficient at all times.

Why should I avail MEETCS services for MOODLE implementation ?

MEETCS has been associated with thousands of higher education institutes, private and public K-12 schools, nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and small/medium/large businesses and even individual clients. We understand the unique requirements and goals of our clients and deliver the ideal customized open-source MOODLE LMS that promotes learning in the most desirable ways. We offer you a reliable hosting, and custom training services as well so that your organization and staff can use the LMS in the most appropriate and effective ways. Our high-quality technical support removes the downtimes, and the whole service package is also price quite economically for our clients.

Can I restrict the Moodle access to just my organization ?

MOODLE LMS provides for restricted access. The LMS can be installed on the internal network of the school/college, or the IP options can also be limited. There are many other ways through which secure and restricted access to your organizational learning management system is entirely possible and feasible.

Can MOODLE be used on all kinds of devices and from anywhere ?

MOODLE runs on all kinds of modern and standard web browsers and is consistently effective on the various operating systems as well. You can also run your own MOODLE site after considering aspects including the audience, and their web browsers and bandwidth. You can use the low-cost MOODLE LMS on laptops, computers, mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.

Call us or email us now for a free MOODLE demo and see for yourself how this highly effective and featured online learning management system can actually transform the way you impart training and learning. Be rest assured of highest productivity, effectiveness, and saving of cost right from day one.