In The NAAC Of Time

Our holistic NAAC module has more features than you would imagine!

Every educational institute wants to perform well in its accreditation cycles, right? But how do you ensure that you’re submitting good data to the National Assessment Accreditation Council, and that too in a timely manner?

With MEETCS’s A2A NAAC Module, you can prepare verified data in a timely manner.

Our well-knit system automatically fetches all the data from the various modules and generates the preliminary data for further processing. To make it more flexible, there are provisions to upload and download spreadsheets.

With our comprehensive system, you will be provided with templates for the NAAC report generation. Your data will be fool-proof and perpetually available as it is Cloud-based. Additionally, features include manual error optimization, Self-Study Reports templates to uniquely represent your institute, and surveys to conduct vision and mission statements.

As a NAAC Admin or Head of NAAC Committee, we give you the option to even allocate various faculty as authors and approvers for different sub-criteria. You can select a due date till when the criteria need to be ready. We also give the respective faculty regular reminders so that the data is ready on time.

As an Author, you need to submit the data to the approver on time, and if it is rejected, you can conveniently work on the feedback given by the approver.

As the Approver, you have the option to approve or reject the data sent for particular sub-criteria and also, enter remarks if the data is rejected. The Approver also gets access to an interactive dashboard where they can get a detailed report of the sub-criteria that have been assigned, approved, or rejected. Convinced? This was just the tip of the iceberg. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us on

Here is our Youtube video on NAAC Module

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