From Accounts To Admin

We, at MEETCS, are determined to help every institution build an accommodative, vibrant, and world-class accounts management system.

How do you manage all the money transactions in your institute? Still, the same old semi-organized, time-consuming, and oftentimes frustratingly slow systems? Or is everything still physical? Don’t you want to digitalize all your accounts and manage everything from student fees to even library fines?

Introducing MEETCS’s A2A Accounts and Admin Module to manage all your transactions smoothly.

Our many features include:

  • Generation of transcript letters and payment receipts
  • Instant report generation for a batch or individual student
  • Digital records management with document acceptance and records management
  • Auto-enrolment into computer lab, library, and learning system
  • Easy exit formation and management system
  • Dashboard for the office head or admin.

As if this wasn’t enough, we will also help you organize your systems in such a way that all your payments and proceedings would be paperless. Our system will even generate IDs for all your students to help you uniquely identify each of them. So, what’s stopping you?

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