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Our futuristic A2A learning and teaching management software system is capable of building a whole learning environment.

Wouldn’t you like to keep track of all the activities your students are doing and stay in touch with them at all times? That’s clearly not possible with the system you currently have in place. The physical roll call every day, the semi-organized way of conducting classes and dealing with assignments and attendance, it all must be so stressful. 

Introducing MEETCS’s A2A Learning Management System to hybridize your classrooms. This robust system includes:

  • Creation of courses
  • Sharing of class notes
  • Assignment assessment
  • Examination management system
  • Performance management system

You can expect to deliver more personalized and student-centric education with the help of our A2A system. We have several different features like setting up a learning plan or schedule, a well-organized attendance system (which would be linked to a smart office), easily holding class discussions (both online and offline), keeping quizzes (both MCQs and subjective), internal tests and marks, maintain performance records and reports, uploading all kinds of content (From notes and hand-outs to even videos and assignments), setting tests and project submissions, reminder notifications and alerts, language lab and lots more.

Not just that, you can even access all of this on your mobile phone with ease. Trust me, you can’t get enough of this.

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