Strengthening The Fee-ble Systems

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There has to be an easier way to make fee payments, right?

Isn’t counting the cash and making sure the students are paying on time a long and tedious job? How much time do you spend on balancing your books regarding who has and who hasn’t paid?

Instead of using cash or DDs to make the payments, your students would prefer digitizing the whole process. Online payments, net banking, and UPI are all in vogue in today’s day and age. You don’t want to lag with your medieval methods, do you? 

Even if you do have an online fee platform, don’t you think you can enhance it further to make it more user-friendly and hassle-free?

We, at MEETCS, understand the problems you face. Our A2A fees module is a one-stop destination for all your fee management needs.

Our module will make your processes

  • 100% Quicker,
  • 125% Easier for both the administrative department and students,
  • 100% 24*7 availability, anytime, anywhere

As an admin, you will have access to the live fee status, dashboard, collection, reports, and more, you can customize alerts and notifications. You have the option of integration with multiple bank accounts and you can even receive payments and transfer alerts. You have the possibility of creating fee structures in the system for each caste separately.

The process is very convenient for your students as well. They can pay the fees online. Fees can even be refunded as and when required. Our fees module is an easy-to-use program for miscellaneous fees payments and refunds as well.

Not only does it organise your system, but it also improves the institute’s brand imaging. Now you no longer have to worry about paying the fees only between 9 am and 5 pm. Early in the morning, middle of the day, or even at midnight, the fees module is ubiquitous.

So, are you convinced yet?

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