Managing Placements – The Easy Way

Make your students job-ready – conveniently and digitally

Placements – The biggest differentiator for any educational institution, however not many have been able to nail this aspect of education. So, what impedes placements? Physical CVs, delayed submissions or non-clarity on the submission dates, tracking student performances, when one’s supposed to join the company for placement/ internship/project, what are the required qualifications/ certifications, which batch of students will have access to which placement opportunities, and manual student selection. Instead of going through all these troubles, why don’t you let us help you out?

Students are attracted more to academic institutions that provide them avenues for employment and facilitate placement. Our end-to-end solution includes

  • Psychometric and Aptitude Tests
  • Technical tests
  • Smart CV making
  • Group Discussion and Interview Training
  • And much more

Students have access to the resume maker and once it is generated, it will be visible to the Training and Placement Officer (TPO) through a real-time dashboard. All the academic performance data of the students will be automatically fetched from our system.

As a TPO, you have access to all the companies that are going to be visiting your institute. You can also add more companies to your list. The companies can even provide a digital list of their requirements which includes work experience, CTC, specific skillset required, expected date of joining, last date of submitting the resume, etc. Student resumes can be downloaded, either individually or in bulk. Even the alumni can stay connected to the institute by sharing job posts. Moreover, all stakeholders can get alerts/ notifications/ reminders so that nothing critical is missed out.

Our holistic system comprises many features, including, but not limited to, placement opportunities, corporate database management, calendar-based tracking, criteria-based filters for resume shortlisting, placement round status updates, overall Management Information System reports, etc. So don’t overthink it. Transform your education’s brand and tighten all the loose ends.

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