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What if we told you, you can automate your student batch enrolment process with just a few clicks?

Does this ring a bell? Entering all the student details into your computer, creating new batches every year, every semester, or even trimester, enrolling students accordingly in the various classes, making sure everyone is in the right programme, designing and printing identity cards for all the students, making reports for all the students’ progress, and so on. It’s a huge hassle, isn’t it?

The MEETCS team knows how much trouble you go through. Join hands with us and we will make your life much easier and reduce your stress ten folds. Our A2A Student Batch Enrolment Module covers all your needs.

Our features allow you to upload photos and signatures for automatic ID card generation, change the student status easily and even generate department and programme reports. Even if you take our module in the middle of the academic year or mid-semester, no worries. You can upload your data into our system with ease.  In case of late admission, you can add the individual student’s data to the batch conveniently.

You can ensure that each student’s caste category is added accurately. The students’ fees can be collected based on the caste category saved. Create an easy-to-use world-renowned MOODLE ® Learning Management System for all your students where they can access all the learning material, assignments, quizzes created by their faculty, and feedback shared with the students during class. Not just that, our Student Enrolment Module helps you prepare good data for your accreditation cycle as well.

Our system makes your process much easier in multiple ways, from ensuring that your Students’ Details are up to date to making sure that they are enroled in the correct courses. Our robust system gives you the liberty to create programmes and batches, and add various subjects that could be mandatory, elective, specialization, or even core subjects. You can also seamlessly link this information to the smart office for subject reports, whilst maintaining the student achievements records.

With just a few clicks, you can create a new class and enrol all the respective students! See, it’s that easy!

So, why wait? Reach out to us on http://www.a2a.meetcs.com

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