Innovative ways of Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is not just completing the joining formalities and introducing employee to the company. It’s the first impression of the organisation and the first day of the new employee. Its important to have planned and organised onboarding as it’s the gateway for him to know the new organisation, its policies, work environment and co-workers.

With little innovative approach, onboarding can be interesting in the following ways:  

1.Creative Employee handbook:  

A visually attractive handbook full of pictures of office, employee and organisational achievements, yearly picnics creates a positive impact. The new joinee can understand how the employees are appreciated. He will feel that he is an asset for his new organisation.  

2.Personalised welcome mail: 

Create an impressive welcome page with the picture of the new joinee, add a brief about his career graph, highlighting his achievements and interest. Such a warm and personalised welcome email would impress the new joinee about the organisational culture.

3.Fun filled Induction schedule: 

Fun adds value and charm to the whole process. The boring and tedious induction process becomes fun. Introduce induction programs like Treasure Hunt, where the new joinee get clues across different departments and gets to interact with other fellow employees in an informal way. This would break the ice for the new joinee with all the departments and help them get accustomed to the organisation culture faster.  

4.Assess the Training progress through Learning Management System (LMS):

For a quick induction, compliance training, product training and introduction to work ethics could be conducted online. These trainings can be given along with online quizzes to assess the progress.  This makes the whole process quick and interesting.

5.Internal communication network for team building:

It’s important to have an internal communication network. This helps to initiate communication between co-workers. At this platform, employees can frequently ask questions related to work, this helps to overcome the hesitation and delay. They can even send wishes on special days, write note of appreciation for co-workers.

Such platform helps the new joinee to adapt informally to new work environment. This helps to strengthen the professional as well as personal relationships. Hence, helps to develop the attitude of team building.

As it is said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Similarly, first day of work is also important. These were few of my ideas.

Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below.

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