Grooming For Placement

There are many features of our A2A system that you will cherish and appreciate – One of them being our Training Module.

Do you face the problem of your students not being serious enough for internships or placements? Is it that half of the time, your students don’t show up for the interviews or if they do, their lack of punctuality and casual demeanour fail to impress the interviewers? Even if some of the students are actually serious, they don’t have the required qualifications (either academic-wise or experience-wise) and hence are unable to get good opportunities. 

We understand exactly what you’re going through, and so we’re here to your rescue. MEETCS’s A2A Training Module gives you the option to allocate internship guides to all your students. They can help them prepare by holding mock interviews, building up their confidence, and giving them the required feedback. You can even generate internship reports (detailed project reports) and track performance and support based on placement round status (applied, shortlisted, selected, not appeared, etc). Using this, the TPO can analyse which student needs work in which section and can help them accordingly so that they secure good placements next time. Not only this, our module provides an option for a Psychometric Assessment feature as well. Tempting, is it not? Time is money, act quickly.

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