Communicate In A Jiffy

How are you supposed to reach your entire batch of students or teachers in one go?

Communication is now considered a key parameter for any modern-day institute. Having said that, quite a few directors, principals or admins find it difficult to communicate with their students/ faculty/ alumni as a whole. Is it that only a few people get the messages or notifications that the admin/director wants the whole institute to receive? To give an example, has it ever happened that only a handful of people turned up for an event because the rest didn’t even know about it?

With MEETCS’s A2A Communication Module, you can easily pass on important messages and notifications to everyone you like.

The director or admin can send out bulk (or individual) and selective SMSes or email to a particular batch (and programme) of students. There is also the provision to send a mass email that will be addressed to the selected people. You even have the option of easily notifying your students or staff about various events, tests, feedback, and assignment reminders. Last, but not least, we also have audit trails for all systems-generated communications.

Our robust system will take care of all your needs. Not just students and faculty, you can now communicate with all the alumni that have passed out of your institute as well. So, what’s stopping you?

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