Augmenting The Faculty Enrolment Procedure

Sometimes managing the faculty data for an educational institute can be more difficult than the students, don’t you think?

Enrolling them into the system once the faculty are hired, creating profiles, and maintaining reports and records, do you still do all of this manually? Keeping a check on all the faculty’s activities, attendance, classes, etc can be made so much easier with MEETCS’s A2A Faculty Enrolment Module.

Our system will make your process:

  • 100% More organized and centralized
  • 125% Easier to track and maintain
  • 150% Brand image enhancement

You can upload the details of your new faculty conveniently, download the faculty data, assign Heads of Department, and much more with ease. Our holistic module has many features like faculty details upload (both bulk and individual), detailed faculty profile creation consisting of awards, research, academic qualification, work experience, conferences attended, papers and articles written, etc, as well as online faculty meetings and reports generation. These comprehensive reports comprise lectures, assignments, reading material, files, quizzes, number of students, duration of lectures, attendance, and so much more. You name it, we have it. Not just that, our Faculty Enrolment Module helps you prepare good data for your accreditation cycle as well.

Yes, all of this is in just one module! So, what’s stopping you?

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