Assembling Committees – The Right Way

With our Committees Module, you will have access to more features than you could imagine.

Aren’t you tired of incoherent institute committees and the system to create new committees? Nobody knows how many members there are on the committee, who heads it, when the meetings are held, where they are held, or what the committee is even about, at times. And this is all because of the lack of a centralized system for managing various committees. Don’t you want to improve your institute’s working and thereby brand imaging in this aspect?

Introducing MEETCS’s A2A Committees Module. At every step of the hierarchy, we have different attributes for you.

If you’re a director or an admin, you have the power to generate new committees, add roles to the committees, and even assign members different roles.

As the Head of the Committee, you can view the list of all your members and even download the information to your device. You can send out custom notifications and alerts to the members through email and SMS, and you can even access the meeting logs which consist of the attendance, attachments, duration, minutes of the meeting, etc.

We have some features for the members as well, they can view who all are their fellow committee members and also view the entire history of the committee and its meetings.

You can create an end-number of committees, ranging from, anti-ragging cell, governing body, and IQAC cell to even, student council and NSS with just a few clicks. So, don’t wait any longer

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